• About Terminal 3

    2009 Is when my remote working journey started. With over seven years on the road, I learnt how traveling challenges our DNA like marmite does to our taste buds. You either love it or hate it. Chances are you love it, but it may not be a rosy journey to begin with. Opening up your soul to the world is easier said than done. It is a scary thought. Even I had my reservations! But, what did I learn? To travel is the best investment you could make in your life. To grow beyond your comfort zone on both a personal and professional level is what Terminal 3 stands for.


    Terminal 3 gives you the chance to count your wealth in terms of experiences, memories, your challenged comfort zone, an open mind and most importantly your growth. At Terminal 3 we are committed to super-powering your development across the world."


    Connect with me to discuss what Terminal 3 can do for you.


    Mevish Aslam, Founder CEO,

    Terminal 3, Your Growth Partner.

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