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20 Signs You’re Addicted to Travelling

Have you been traveling a lot lately? Looking at creating your next adventure? It is possible that you’re addicted to traveling. There’s nothing wrong with that! Here are five signs that will confirm that addiction.

  1. You’re excited about traveling, even if it means being stuck in a car for three hours straight!

  2. You don’t feel like you’re away long enough.

  3. You get home from your last trip and instantly start planning your next.

  4. You have more than three types of foreign currency in your wallet

  5. The idea of being in one place is a nightmare.

  6. The idea of sleeping in the airport or on a park bench really doesn’t bother you.

  7. Home is where your heart is for you, which could be on the other side of the world.

  8. You check out things do to in a place, even if you have no plans to visit.

  9. You have more friends from around the world than in your local area.

  10. You love to meet new people.

  11. Enjoying new experiences comes naturally to you.

  12. Packing for a trip is done within minutes.

  13. Your passport has more stamps than empty pages.

  14. You love to collect your frequent flyer miles.

  15. You spend time on travel blogs to find out about others’ experiences and for better tips.

  16. You hardly need vaccinations for your next trip.

  17. Airport security knows who you are because you’re there all the time.

  18. You’re have to learn a new language.

  19. Your daydreaming involves new countries.

  20. You have plenty of travel items in your bathroom but no larger ones.

It’s time to get your travel on again. This is your favourite pastime and there is definitely nothing wrong with that. Where are you going next?

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