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7 Validated Reasons to Travel More

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Have you ever dreamed of borderless travel? Your thoughts may move to location independence and the benefit of remote working. At Terminal 3 we travel and work in a new city every month. Prior to Terminal 3 the Founders lived a location independent, remote work life collectively for over ten years. Below is an insight on how travel changed their life and how travel could change your life too.

Gives You More Perspective on Life

The more you travel, the more you get to see. You’ll witness third-world living, homelessness, and much more. Those problems that seem so big now will end up being minute compared to the problems others live with — and you’ll be amazed at how they are dealt

Improve Your Health

Location independence offers you more freedom to live. Cutting off ties with office politics and a stressful environment gives you time to focus on what really matters.

Boost Your Knowledge

Borderless travel presents opportunities to never stop learning. Everyday is a lesson. Soak up a new culture, pick up a language and adapt to a different way of life.

You Grow Up

Travelling when young gives you the chance to be yourself. Away from the shadow of others. You learn to live alone and mature much more quickly than your friends.

Boost Your Confidence

Meeting new people and integrating into different cultures gives you a confidence boost. Learning how to do more yourself pushes you to get out, be more social, and grow as a person.

Get Out of the Rat Race

There’s nothing worse than dealing with the workplace expectations and rat race. Remote workers have the chance to breathe, work around their life, and experience the world around them.

Explore Yourself

Travelling opens up your world and brings out new sides of your personality. By becoming location independent you open yourself to truly develop your sense of belonging and continue your stride to grow.

There’s no time like the present to take advantage of borderless travel and become location independent. Terminal 3 supports Freelancers and Entrepreneurs to take the leap into remote working across the world. Applications are open to join the program.

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