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Insider's Guide on Terminal 3

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Thinking of applying to join Terminal 3? In this post, we are answering the most frequently asked questions on what life looks like on Terminal 3.

Being part of Terminal 3 is fun.

But it is also 'hard' work.

We travel with you. However we give you space to grow and develop. This may mean we disappear for a few days to the next location to curate the perfect accommodation, co-working space and connect with locals to enhance your soft landing experience. Occasionally we touch base home too. The majority of our time is spent travelling and working alongside the community and venturing out to explore the city or nearby towns. We share accommodation with you too! In each apartment we have between two and three people so you are never left feeling isolated.

The apartments we rent are all equipped working Wi-fi. We stay in central areas with up to 30 minutes walking distance of our co-work spaces, though most times the commute averages a 15min’ walk but this may vary from city to city. In rare circumstances, we book hotel rooms. Why? We cannot always guarantee consistent Wifi and a good quality apartment in each location. 

The co-work spaces provide unlimited Wi-Ffi, hot desks and 24/7 access. Also on the schedule are community driven personal and professional events some of which are part organized by our coworking partners. This can include breakfasts, parties, workshops, networking events, pizza and beer parties.

Upon arrival in each destination, you will be shown your apartment. Within the first couple of days we schedule a tour of your co-working space and your Local Community Manager will be on hand to answer all your questions whilst touring you around the local neighborhood and more!

Worried about getting lost or finding your way? Well did we tell you we also provide a Curated Map and Calendar of Events to enhance your experience! Travel and work remotely stress free is our goal :)

Your growth

A month before joining Terminal 3 we introduce you to your online coach. Together you work on developing an action plan to fast-track your personal or professional goal(s). From thereon, your coach commits to a private monthly coaching session empowering your growth every month without fail.

The Local Community Manager serves to enhance your experience to immerse into the local culture, socialize, network, learn and grow. Getting around with public transportation, breaking the ice with locals reduces cultural barriers and introduces you to a world of living like a local and not a ‘tourist’ per se. The insight of a local has proven to be an invaluable asset to our community.

During the week we tend to organize get together meals, outings and events so you have the weekend free to travel and explore. That doesn’t mean we don’t do stuff during the weekend. Networking, socializing, traveling, exploring the city, cooking together and the odd party is where you will find us! Korean barbecue and karaoke anyone?

Your daily life will become an invigorated “routine” of getting work done, going out, having meals and drinks with locals and other participants, traveling at least once per month (varies from person to person), taking the time to rest, but also the time to explore. At the end of each month, you simply pack your bags and we take you to the airport, together we fly to the next destination, we transport you to your apartment where we set you up for the month followed by access to co-working space, introductions to Local Community Managers and then we're ready to start exploring all over again!

What does it takes to join us?

If becoming a location independent worker sounds like the ideal life to you, but you prefer to start with a group rather than going alone then reach out to us here. We take the time to understand and address your needs and concerns before you decide to make a commitment. Your peace of mind is ours.

Applications are now open to join Terminal 3. Are you in?

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