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Interview with Eric Asmar, Community Ambassador in Rabat

Introducing our Community Ambassador, Eric Asmar Director of Programs at The Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (MCISE)

1. What do you do?

I’m the Director of Programs here at Moroccan CISE. I work closely with social entrepreneurs and soon-to-be entrepreneurs to design their products and build their ventures.

2. Why you chose to live in Rabat?

I came to Rabat two years ago with my fiancé, and quickly fell in love with the city as well. The city is beautiful, the weather is great, and the people are very welcoming.

3. What is Moroccan CISE?

Moroccan CISE is more than an NGO, and more than an incubator. We’ve built a

diverse and very tight-knit community dedicated to changing Morocco and the world. More than anything, it’s these people that make working here so unique.

4. What top 3 things do your recommend to see, do and eat?

See: The Kasbah of the Oudayas has the best view in town. You should also visit the ruins of Chellah, and the Hassan tower and mausoleum.

Do: Go to the beach! There are several great beaches within an hour of Rabat where you can take surfing lessons, eat some great fish, and have a nap in the sun.

Eat: Everything! There is so much amazing food in Morocco, you should try as much as you can: tagines, pastilla, rfisa, harira, couscous, the list goes on!

5. Any cultural issues we should be aware of?

You’ll be arriving during the last week of the month of Ramadan. Out of respect to people who are fasting, please refrain from eating, drinking, or smoking in public before sundown until after the 8 of July (Don’t worry, you can eat and drink inside the coworking during the day.)

6 .What is the value which a group of international professionals can bring to your city and organisation?

We are always looking for experts and mentors to support our entrepreneurs. A few hours of your time to discuss your area of expertise with our startups can have a big impact!

7. Anything else?

You can take a 3D tour of the space here:, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

For more information about MCISE click here.

We will be spending the month of July co working at MCISE.

In the first week of Rabat we have planned an opening of the fast with locals and celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr! Learn more about Ramadan.

Interested in joining our community, apply now!

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