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Remote Work at Home vs Remote Work & Travel

Guess which wins.

Recently a huge movement has grown towards becoming location independent. What does this mean. Instead of spending money on a rail pass and hours in a daily commute many employers are now favouring the option of remote working. After all the best skilled people are not always around the corner.

When you think about it most office jobs can be done in front of a laptop anywhere in the world (subject to wifi). Whilst there is a growing number of remote workers many are shifting towards becoming location independent by combining work and travel with like minded people.

To put this into perspective, we have outlined what a typical day looks like when working from home and whilst being location independent.

A typical day working from home looks like:

7am Rise and shine, cook breakfast

8am Start checking emails at your dining table - which has become your office

10am Make a coffee

12pm Make lunch or grab a takeaway

1pm Back to work - meaning back to the dining table!

6pm Head out to grocery shop for dinner

7pm Cook

8pm Catch up on work before you hit the sack


Imagine your perfect day travelling and working remotely with a like minded community

7am Wake up and enjoy breakfast from a local cafe

8am Go for a jog on the beach or join a yoga class

9am Enjoy a morning coffee and get some work done at a local cowork space

1pm Meet up with a couple of people from Terminal 3 at a new restaurant and try some local food

2pm Resume your work day on the hotel patio overlooking the city skyline and grab some fresh fruit on the way

5pm Walk to a nearby museum and absorb the history of the region

7pm Purchase food from a street vendor and explore the local boardwalk

9pm Finish the night with a barbecue and drinks with a group of like minded people.

10pm Retire to your quarters where you rest and recharge for tomorrows adventures

Now which does your routine allude to.

Ask yourself one more question, are you happy with your current routine?

Are you looking to make changes but don't know where to start.

Do you want to travel with a like minded group but still want your own space.

Well look no further! Terminal 3 to the rescue.

Terminal 3 takes a curated community of remote workers to travel the world and work remotely at the same time. Live life with no regrets. This is your chance to hop aboard an interactive program but still maintain your own space. We're not here to step on your toes.

Are you happy, if not change something.

Applications are open to join community of like minded individuals, click here to apply today!

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