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Terminal 3, I want in! What's the criteria?

The success rate of candidates passing the interview stage at Terminal 3 is as low as 2%.

Why is this? We are looking to create an exclusive community focused on Personal and Professional Growth. This means investing hours on end to curate the perfect group. We spend time getting to know each and every applicant before we commit to making a decision. Below is a number of things we take into consideration.

1. You want to grow.

Traveling and remote work is a learning experience, both personally and professionally. You will be challenged, but you will not give up. Why? Through challenges we grow, we learn, we prosper and keep on moving forward. This can be tough for some people but we promise every challenge is worth the effort we put in. Did you know we offer monthly coaching sessions to keep your growth in sync. 

2. You want to help others grow.

We support each other, we have your back and trust you have ours. We are there if something happens that gets you down, we are there to help you work out your issues and we hope you will do the same for us. Having both a formal and informal support system brings our community closer where we no longer consider each other just friends but a family too.

3. You want to travel

You have wanderlust, you not only want to but you feel the need to see more, explore more, do more! You love meeting new people, connecting with local communities, travelling alone and/or with other fellow travellers, learning new languages, understanding new cultures, exploring new places is all something you’re thirsty for. Join us for one month or six months. You decide.

4. You want to work.

We support your efforts to maximise productivity. The last thing we want is you falling behind on work! We accommodate your needs by offering a co work space with 24/7 access and of course working WiFi. On top of this your apartments are equipped with WifI and if that wasn’t enough we also provide a local sim card with pre-loaded data. Oh and if things take a turn for the worse we are equipped to ensure you stay connected.

5. You are making income remotely.

That can be anything; freelancing, working for an employer, running an online business, running a start-up or having some pretty awesome skills which allows you to build an income independent of location.

6. You want to play.

We have fun together, yes we really do! We hang out together, work together, cook together but there is always time and room for you to take some ‘me’ time. Travelling and working with a community does not mean you are bound by the group. If you fancy some down time or want to hang out with just locals this also fine too! You have the autonomy.

We love bringing the community together, be this for nights out, walks, trips, drinks, meals or just coffee. A pre requirement is your interaction, this is what makes our community stronger.

7. You want to give back.

We are pretty privileged to have an amazing opportunity to see the world where the colour of our passport and lifestyle supports the awesome opportunities that come our way. However this is not guaranteed for everyone. Every month we take a moment to reflect and give back to the local communities. This can be either a workshop, talk, mentoring local entrepreneurs or even just bringing a smile to refugee children as we did in Berlin.

8. You want to succeed.

We don’t want this experience to cost you your job. Falling into the trap of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is not something we are sensitive to. We are hard workers, we give 110% and this ensures we are able to hold not only our ourselves accountable but each other too.

9. You don’t want to break the bank.

The costs associated with the program and your personal costs can exceed $20,000 for 6 months or hit the nail at $15,000 subject to your lifestyle. The last thing we want is to risk your experience at the stress of making ends meet. We are open to you joining us when you are in a financially stable position. However as a rule of thumb, if you are earning $35,000 pa this would serve to cover your expenses stress free.

10. You want to live as a local and not a tourist.

Traveling opens our mind and soul to a new way of living. A life that challenges not only our norms but also our routines. We enhance your local experience by hiring the best Local Community Managers in each city. Savoring local eateries, getting lost in side streets is all part of the experience you'll be living at Terminal 3.

If you wonder what life looks like on Terminal 3, head over here.

We invest the majority of our time getting to know you, answering your questions or concerns. It’s our job to ensure your time with us is stress free. Send across any questions you have over to our Founder, Mevish Aslam right here.

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