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The Importance of Travel for Personal Development

You're joining Terminal 3 this summer and wondering what to expect. Is traveling really all about hitting up tourist hotspots and seeking out Western standards? People travel for different reasons. For some traveling is about ticking off a checklist of places and living within a comfort zone of a previous lifestyle. For others to travel is all about the experience of the unknown. Seeking side street local eateries, getting lost over a dozen times, interacting with locals even if you don't communicate in the local language.

At Terminal 3 we champion the later experience, Why? Cos, our growth engine is enriched when our comfort zone is challenged. Give it a thought. When was the last time you challenged your comfort zone and did something for the very first time.

The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.Gilbert K. Chesterton​

Your personal development stems from three branches; Routine, How You View Yourself and Awareness & Knowledge. This is the foundation for empowering your development.


Most humans crave routine. It keeps us efficient, organized and ultimately comfortable. Routine makes us numb. It becomes impossible to challenge ourselves. Our safety net of doing things the way it's always been remains unchallenged. Living on auto-pilot switches off a part of your brain. A monotonous way of life is not living at all. Your growth remains in the backseat. On standstill until you decide to break the routine.

Breaking the routine challenges your comfort zone and your safety net of relying on others. This is key to feeling more alive and in tune with your true self. You become receptive. Acclimatizing the real you beyond wordless routines wakes you up to finding yourself. When we break free from routines, we open ourselves to the world and this is when we begin to grow.

How You View Yourself

The way that you view the world can change significantly when you travel. Your perception of other races, cultures, religions, and ideologies will evolve over time. Engaging with people of all ages and backgrounds, experiencing cultures and behaviours however odd they appear to you open your mind to a whole new world.

In the end, we come to the realization that we are all humans and not products vetted by the color of our passports or race. Inevitably we build a connection with unfamiliar communities and cultures and grow our understanding of the greater world along the way.

It is not just your view of the world that changes; you begin to change your opinion of yourself, too. You appreciate your life, opportunities, and advantages; you become more in touch with yourself as a person, and you begin to feel a greater respect and responsibility with the world. Letting go of inhibitions and just going with the flow slowly becomes the norm. You soon realize the changes you experience stem from your experience on the road.

"My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there." Rumi

Awareness and Knowledge

Your awareness of conflicts, struggles, and issues around the world grows. For some, this can deepen wounds and dampen spirits. For others, it ignites a fire beneath them that makes them want to change the world, no matter how small the contribution. Whatever it does to you, it develops your mind. You are no longer shielding yourself from everything around you, no longer caught up in a little bubble. You can see the world for what it is – good, bad and everything in between.

Wherever you go and whatever you do you realize travel is essential. Life on the road enhances your growth and rewards you for becoming a citizen of the world and not a by-product of your race or nationality.

Terminal 3, Your Growth Partner, empowers professionals to GROW whilst working productively across the world. Speak to us about how we empower your growth. Book a no obligation, FREE 15-minute call to discuss today.

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