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Top 10 Productivity Hacks for Remote Workers

by Mevish Aslam

As a remote worker of over seven years experience and now running a global operation facilitating remote workers internationally at Terminal 3, i'm writing this post to share my top ten productivity hacks from being on the road.

Maximising productivity with minimum effort is on the top list for many people be this a banker, the barista in the coffee shop, a student or a remote worker. I’m sharing my personal productivity hacks. Being on the road for over seven years, I have learnt one key thing when it comes to remote work - adopt the art of simplicity. Below are my top ten best kept secrets to hack productivity.

1. The Key Is Not To Priortise Whats On Your Schedule, But To Schedule Your Priorities

Start by writing your goals, then break this down into bitesize chunks. This helps for two reasons, you don’t feel overwhelmed by the workload ahead and you can focus on key points without jumping into the deep end.

Once you have a list, priortise this into an order of importance and then get scheduling!

I launch global hackathons at Sprinters with a remote co founder, we find by reviewing our priorities each week during a skype call we move forward, faster.

2. Exercise Your Hand - Put Pen To Paper

This links in with my last point, but because this is so important an additional point is warranted. When making lists, scheduling priorities, goal setting, write this down!

A study by Gail Matthews at Dominican University supports the notion that by writing down our goals we simple achieve more. By focusing on your goals you manifest, fast track this process by writing. Create a measurable vision and re-evaluate your commitment on a regular basis.

3. Technology - less is more!

I like to work old school - notepad, google drive, skype. Ioannis my co founder at Terminal 3 found this odd. He recommended we put productivity in the fast lane by signing up to a number of ‘productivity induced platforms’. Despite my reluctance I agreed. Within a few weeks of implementing the changes I resigned to the idea. The new platforms actually put productivity in the back seat. Rather than focusing our attention on one platform we ended up multi tasking between four different platforms in a recent skype call. By then even Ioannis agreed to call it a day.

4. Try A Mental Workout!

When we exercise we rarely focus on developing our mental strength. The advertisements we see on maintaining our wellbeing are not known to promote an optimisation of our brain power. The mental stimulation which comes from reading advances our concentration, analytical skills, improves our memory and becomes a source of tranquility. With Blinkist now on the market, you have no excuse not to spare 15 minutes to read a book a day, yes it is possible!

5. Manage Your Energy Not Your Time

My working pattern varies every week. I love working early mornings and late at night. Without risking my sanity it is impossible to have it both ways. The key here is to invest in yourself and reap the rewards in your energy levels. It is recommended to sleep a minimum of six hours . Aim for an optimum number of 6-8 hours of sleep every day. Sleep deprivation is a serious issue, do not jeopardise your sleep no project or deadline is worth it.

6. Hello Mum!

Coming from a large but close knit family I can never be away from home for too long. Each year I touch down at least 2/3 times just to be with loved ones. Many people only see their family once a year and thats at Christmas. Spending time with loved ones, be this your family, partner or friends reinstates the motivated algorithm in your mind, body and soul. Keep it going.

7. Happiness

My best kept secret! Sipping my favourite coffee make me feel happy and motivated. Does this sound rather silly? Think back to your favourite restaurant, how does this make you feel. Do you feel the good vibes coming in? If you do not drink coffee opt for a favourite meal or treat yourself instead. By taking simple steps in the form of feel good factors the pressure you feel in the rat race eventually evens out.

8. It's bad manners to keep an adventure waiting

My mother is a huge advocate of all her daughters being self-sufficient. You can often find my mother saying Mevish be independent. Rely on no one but yourself. To travel is the perfect way to learn the art of independence. Although this isn't what my mother had in mind! But getting lost and finding yourself, being outside your comfort zone, facing challenges are small steps one should take in order to grow as an individual.

Travelling opens your mind, body and soul to heal, diversify, break habits, disconnect and stoke our curiosity. Life is a journey of continuous learning, to travel is the perfect medium to maintain the learning cycle.

9. Impact

Lending a hand to someone in need feels awesome. The essence forges a moment for you to step back reflect, count your blessings and stay humbled. Everyone has a skill they can offer. Whether you’re great with people, sales. fundraising or money, any skill is a MASSIVE asset for a charity! Boost your confidence. Have a sense of purpose outside the hustle and bustle.

Remember, money cannot buy the best experiences in life.

10. Your Average 5

Its easy to pick up a smoking habit from your best friend, but wouldn’t it be a better deal if you could pick up something useful instead? Its no wonder this quote by Jim Rohn is celebrated universally, ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with’. Your environment rubs off on you. Source a community that will bring out the best in you, a community you could learn from and also give something back to.

Do you have any suggestions or want to know more on how to be productive as a remote worker? Join our FREE Slack Community discuss Productivity Hacks with a community on the same mission as you!

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