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    I'm worried about reliable wifi, how do you guarantee this?

    Bulletproof internet is a basic necessity for us to be able to hit the ground running. This explains why we invest in accommodation and co-working space with pre-tested internet speeds to ensure you are always connected. We also have backup options, just in case.

    Are outbound and inbound flights included?

    .All flights between destinations on the program are included but not your outbound or inbound flight. Many people plan to adventure out a few weeks both before and after the program. This gives you the freedom to plan and book based on your schedule.

    What are the accommodations like?

    Single or shared apartments, hotel rooms are our last resort.

    No room sharing, you are guaranteed your own private bedroom. Always.

    Wow! Coaching sessions, tell me more.

    A month before the program start date we set you up with a preliminary call with your coach to develop a roadmap for your success. You can work with the coach on any personal or professional goals or anything in between. It's entirely up to you. From thereon you will have a call scheduled with your coach every month followed by weekly check-ins.

    How long is the program?

    Terminal 3 programs run for 6 months. We offer flexibility on start dates. Join Terminal 3 from any month for as little as one month at a time.

    Can I join for 12 months or more?


    Do couples get a discount?

    Yes you do! We offer a generous discount of 20% towards your monthly fee only.

    What will the work/life balance be?

    We work hard and play harder. What do we mean by play? Cultural tours, yoga, hiking, concerts, nightlife, sampling the wonders of local life and we are also known to adventure away on the odd weekend :) The schedule is community-driven coupled with surprises from our Local Community Managers.

    I'm almost sold. So what's included, and what's not?

    For a full breakdown, head over here!

    What does a typical day look like?

    Check out this post.

    Who joins Terminal 3?

    Some people join us because they are curious about this lifestyle, it’s maybe the first time they are traveling taking their work with them so they want to make sure that they can have a productive work environment and hassle free experience. For them it’s the new factor. Others might already live a lifestyle on the road but as it gets lonely out there they come to plug in into our community. Others are taking an intentional sabbatical, transitioning out from a career or some part of their life, and they are coming in with a very interesting set of questions about where they are going in their trajectory in life.

    What about visas?

    We work closely with a third party agency who will work with you to get all you p's and q's in place. We mean it when we say we want this to be a stress-free experience for you!

    Did we miss something?

    We're happy to chat! Email us at hola@terminal3.co

  • Let's break it down

    It is important to realize that international programs by their very nature involve several expenses that cover various essential services and support. The program fees (1 - 6 months), typically include the services listed below

    What is included:

    • All flights and transportation between destinations
    • Central 24/7 coworking space
    • Your private bedroom accommodation
    • Monthly coaching sessions + weekly check-ins!
    • Community Impact Work
    • Program leader traveling with the group
    • Local Community Manager
    • Monthly Group Excursion 
    • Curated community of like-minded professionals
    • Destination guide for each city
    • Map with pins for your accommodation, co-work, coffee houses and more!
    • Luggage allowance of 20kg and hand luggage (we strongly recommend packing light!)
    • Life experience
    • Appreciation for the world
    • Gratitude 
    • YOUR Growth.

    What is not included:

    • Your personal spending money
    • Visa processing costs
    • Passport costs if you do not have a valid passport*
    • Excess luggage fees (if required)
    • Inbound and outbound flights
    *Passports must be valid for six months after your end date

    Typical fee structure:

    • 1-5 Months, monthly fee of only $2,395
    • 6 Months, downpayment of $1,450 and monthly fee of $1,950

    Where does the money go?

    All program fees are used to cover the costs of providing programs across each destination. While the breakdown of costs varies slightly depending on the length of the program and destination, the average breakdown of costs is as follows:


    60% of program costs for travel and programming, including:

    • International travel
    • Accommodation
    • Co-working space
    • Airport transfers 
    • Coaching sessions (value of $200 per session)
    • Group excursion
    • Local community manager
    • Group leader
    • Social impact work

    25% of program costs for recruitment and screening of participants, staff and destinations, including:

    • Recruitment and screening of applications
    • Recruitment and training of local community managers and group leaders
    • Pre-scouting for destinations, accommodations and co-working spaces
    • Organization of orientations
    • Provision of resource materials for participants
    • Contribution to 24 hour emergency support.

    15% of program costs for adhoc and administration including:

    • Operations and adhoc logistics
    • Marketing
    • Contribution to general administration costs.



  • Ready to take the leap?  

  • A typical day at Terminal 3

    Experiencing a different city every month tests your ability to dig deep into local cultures, cuisines and communities. But you're getting better at this with the support of your co-workers and Local Community Manager's you're forging experiences of a lifetime whilst unknowingly at the same time leaving your comfort zone. The community that has your back is made of brand strategists, advertising professionals, entrepreneurs, marketers, designers, publishers, business analysts, yoga instructors, developers, writers, life coaches, etc. You learn from each other, pick up a skill or two, offer to teach something in return and together you grow as individuals with the support of your monthly coach.

    06.30am Wake up. Before anything else you start your morning routine; 15 minute meditation, 10 minute work out, 5 minutes of gratitude for being able to live your life on your terms.

    07.00am It's Monday, so you give yoga class on the beach front a miss and instead opt to swim at the roof top pool.

    7.45am Your tummy is rumbling! Time for breakfast. You skip your regular breakfast spot and decide to stop over at organic cafe you found whilst exploring the city over the weekend.

    9.00am The matcha latte is winning you over or maybe its the charm of the barista who attempts to converse with you in the local language. So you stay for another drink which you enjoy with the local barista giving you the low down of how much the city has changed during her upbringing. You smile, listen and begin to appreciate what an amazing world we live in. It soon dawns on you, that you can converse with locals using hand gestures and body language.

    09.30am Time to kickstart your day with your MIT (Most Important Task). You're loving the ambiance at the coffee shop so you decide to stay.

    12.00pm Your Local Community Manager has planned to introduce some local specialties for lunch at the food market. You meet him and other co-workers savoring taste buds one bite at a time.

    14.00pm After an extraordinary lunch you spend the next few hours finishing off your MIT.

    16.00pm You make it back in time to the co-working space for your monthly call with your coach. You're working on launching a business, cos it's something you've been putting off for years. You never really had the time and you just didn't know where to start. Last week, you landed your first client, your coach is impressed! Time to fine tune that business plan.

    17,00pm The WhatsApp group chat is pinging away! But you decide to do you and go for a walk to a nearby museum absorbing the history of the region.

    19.00pm You're feeling peckish, but you don't want to cook tonight. Instead, you join a few co-workers at your favorite dining spot cos there's something about their nachos that remind you of home.

    21.00pm Following dinner the group gets together for drinks. You're beginning to feel a little tired but you join cos you want to catch up with everyone.

    22.00pm You call it a night, it's been a long day. Some of the group decide to watch a movie, but you give it a miss. You hear your bed calling your name, it's time to head home.

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