• How Terminal 3 Works

  • Travel and work remotely across the world with other digital nomads on Terminal 3.


    How it Works


    Terminal 3 brings together:

    20 smart and adventurous people + each has a job that can be done anywhere


    = a community working, growing both personally and professionally whilst traveling across 6 cities all over the world.


    To join our exclusive community fill in our application form and book a Skype Video Call. .Following your Skype video call, we will let you know if you are selected to join the program. Simple.

  • Whats Included

    Coworking Spaces

  • Private Rooms

  • Monthly Coaching Sessions + Weekly Check-ins

  • Personal and Professional Development

  • Social Impact

  • Community Building Monthly Excursions

  • Cultural Experiences

  • Why Terminal 3?

    Personal and Professional Development

    Drive Impact Together

    This Is Belonging

    Enhance Productivity

    Travel Stress Free

    Your Growth Partner

    What's Included

    • All flights and transportation between destinations
    • Central 24/7 coworking space
    • Your private bedroom accommodation
    • Monthly coaching sessions + weekly check-ins!
    • Community Impact Work
    • Local Community Manager
    • Monthly Group Excursion 



    Monthly (for 6 months): $1,950

    Downpayment: $1,450


    Month by Month: only $2,395 (no downpayment)


  • "I signed up for this trip without knowing anyone but as soon as we arrived the whole crew met and bonded instantly, thanks largely to Terminal 3's planning of family dinners and activities."

    Pierre-Julien Bosser-Lamy

    Co founder Interns GoPro


    How long is the program?

    Terminal 3 programs run for 6 months. We offer flexibility on start dates from any month and offer the option to join Terminal 3 for as little as one month. Did you know you can now join Terminal 3 month by month. 

    Can I join for 12 months or more?


    What are the accommodations like?

    Single or shared apartments, our last resort are hotels.

    No room sharing, you are guaranteed your own private bedroom. Always.

    Do couples get a discount?

    Yes you do! We offer a generous discount of 20% towards your monthly fee only.

    Are outbound and inbound flights included?

    All flights between destinations on the program are included but not your outbound or inbound flight. Many people plan to adventure out a few days before the program start date and after the end date. This gives you flexibility to plan based on your needs.

    I'm worried about consistent wifi, how do you guarantee this?

    Bulletproof internet is a basic necessity for us to be able to hit the ground running. This explains why we invest in accommodation and co-working space with pre-tested internet speeds to ensure you are always connected.

    What will the work/life balance be?

    We work hard and play harder. What do we mean by play? Cultural tours, yoga, hiking, concerts, nightlife, sampling the wonders of local life and we are also known to adventure away on the odd weekend :) The schedule is community-driven with a few surprises from our local Community Manager.


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