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  • You came across Terminal 3 cos you're tired of traveling and working remotely solo.


    You crave community and routine.


    You do not want to be your own travel agent anymore. The thought of spending hours on end co-ordinating travel, accommodation, workspace, Wi-Fi, a social calendar and more in another city demands more time than you can offer.


    You tried hostels, but you're meeting the wrong crowd.


    Airbnb and meetups fail you in networking with the right kind of people.


    From time to time your friends visit but you miss consistency and regular interaction with people who 'get you'.


    You have a side project you may want to launch someday, improve a current skill or even pick up a new one.


    You want to be surrounded by smart people. People who bring out the best in you.


    You want to learn.


    You want to grow.


    You want to leave a positive impact in local communities


    You want the flexibility to travel.


    You want the freedom to invest in your growth.


    We've been there and done that.


    Our mission since 2015 is to get you there too.

  • What We Do Best

    We offer a hassle free solution, providing you the start you need to get your journey off on the right footing. We plan your program to perfection.

    We Create Communities

    Expect to travel with a group of smart working professionals. How can we promise this? We invest time interviewing each and every applicant. Only those serious and committed to the community and the program are accepted.


    On a regular basis we get together for skill shares, professional events, networking, meals, weekends away and more. We develop deep meaningful friendships. Once a month we even sponsor a group excursion which can be anything cos you decide!


    Monthly coaching sessions

    A month before joining Terminal 3 is when your online coaching sessions begin. Fast track your Personal and Professional Growth from the get go. Your goal can be anything from launching a business, developing a morning routine, learning a language, you name it. Your personal coach is here to help.

    We Give Back

    In each destination, we work with local communities and find a way to make a positive impact.


    Giving back every step of the way is in our blueprint. In the past we have volunteered at a refugee centre, taken part in a hackathon as speakers and even mentored social entrepreneurs. We believe traveling is more meaningful when you make a difference.

    We Hire The Best Local Community Managers

    Your local point of contact is dedicated to introducing you to local traditions, cultures, cuisines and even show you how to live like a local. We are all about immersing ourselves into the life of a local. After all it's no fun living like a tourist, right?



    Private Accommodation

    In each city we book central accommodation. This is usually in walking to distance to awesome cafes, mouth-watering restaurants, and supermarkets.


    You are always guaranteed your own private bedroom with bullet proof WiFi. From location to location this can vary from your own apartment to a shared apartment with your friends from the group.

    Central 24/7 Co-working Space

    Your co-working space is always centrally located. This will be a short walk from your accommodation.


    Facilities will vary from location to location but on average this can include free hot drinks, free water, bookable skype and meeting rooms, hot desking, opportunities to network with other co-workers and locals plus invitations to a calendar of events.

    Stress Free Travel

    We take care of all your operations and logistical needs. This includes booking all flights and transportation between destinations.


    Did you know we also have a dedicated team to take care of your visa needs.

  • Schedule a FREE 15 MINUTE CALL

    Talk to us about what your first month would look like on Terminal 3 or the type of accommodation you will be staying at or anything else. We're here to answer your questions.

  • Why Terminal 3?

    Personal and Professional Development

    Drive Impact Together

    This Is Belonging

    Enhance Productivity

    Travel Stress Free

    Your Growth Partner, We Invest In Your Growth


    Monthly (for 6 months): $1,950

    Downpayment: $1,450


    Month by Month: only $2,395 (no downpayment).


    What happens after I apply


    1. Online Application; When filling in the application form (found here) you will be able to book a call to discuss your application.


    2. Skype Video Call: this is our chance to get to know you and vice-versa, plus you will get a chance to understand how Terminal 3 can facilitate your growth and whether you are a right fit for our community.


    3. Status: Within a week of your call we will update you on the status of your application.


    4. Secure your spot: If you are offered a place on the program you will be required to secure your spot with a payment of $500 within seven days. Places are limited, we give priority to applicants on a first come first serve basis.

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