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    Are you feeling stuck or confused?

    Here's how a Terminal 3 Coach can help.

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    How can a Terminal 3 Coach Help Me?


    The Professional partnership between you and your coach will support you to:

    • Powerfully clarify and claim your purpose.
    • Acknowledge the mirrors and triggers around you as your teachers and use them.
    • Interrupt old patterns and create new paradigms.
    • Recognize and shed limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.
    • Design a specific plan to bring your mission to fruition.
    • Get crystal clear on your vision in career, business, relationship and life.

    What Can I Expect?


    At Terminal 3 we support your personal and professional. We engineer your growth by offering monthly coaching sessions by experienced remote workers. Our coaches are vetted and trusted by remote workers across the world. They understand the changes in your lifestyle and all the dilemmas and demands that come with making such a monumental change to travel and live remotely. With Terminal 3, you are in the best place to empower your growth from day one.

  • What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

    Zig Ziglar

  • Who Are The Coaches?

    Obed Abbo

    Passion Compass Coach & Author

    Obed has coached over 650 people whilst working remotely. He hails Bali as his hub, where he actively works with remote working professinoals from all over the world.

    Tom Hussey

    Cambridge Graduate turned Coach

    An Analyst turned Coach who has lived in seven countries worldwide. Tom recently traveled and worked remotely across 12 twelve cities in 12 months at Remote Year where he coached remote workers on the road.


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    Do you have what it takes to join our team of Coaches? Email hola@terminal3.co to find out more.

  • How Can We Help?

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